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09 update, and the reason its been quiet 2009-01-11

Funny how the news entry two items down from here is from over a year ago...

Basically the hard drive in AluCase failed a couple of months ago, leaving it out of action for a couple of weeks while I faffed around sorting out a replacement. All back up and running now however. The site was all backed up so not much has been lost. The back-up plan has been to use rsync to copy data onto DVD-RAM discs; rotating 3 discs means old files should be backed up 3 times. DVD-RAM lends itself to constant re-writing (I'm told) and the older cartridge based discs are pretty tough; like floppy discs you can't touch the media accidently.

I managed to restore most data successfully. I say most as I have been a little lax in backing up regularily so I was a couple of weeks behind. Not much was lost luckily. The other issue was knowing which of the 3 discs was the most recent. I always make a note of which disc is the most recent... on the hard drive in a directory that isn't backed up. Some looking at file date stamps sorted that; I now make a written note!

I'll be updating the AluCase log with some more on this later in the week.

Camera update 2008-07-10

Canon were pretty damn awesome with sorting the camera issue out, Only had to pay a few quid to post it to the repair centre and just over a week later it was back, all shiny and fixed. Yay

In other news, the Scimitar may actually move more than a few feet under its own power in the near future, I may then even clean the garage out. Lets not get carried away though...

An update? 2008-05-05

On here, never! I thought having a Christmas related item at the top of the front page was wearing a little thin in May.

One thing was has been mentioned elsewhere on here was the issue with my camera. A Canon Powershot A75 which has developed an issue with the CCD. It had moments of having a blank or corrupted image which has got worse over the last two weeks. The overlay (image settings etc) displayed fine, as did stored photos. Browsing the Canon helpdesk revealed this is a common fault due to a faulty CCD, so its been sent off for repair. Hopefully for free too!

Merry Christmas etc 2007-12-17

Much has changed at Runlevel6 towers since the last entry here...

Theres a few content updates on homebrew beer, the Mini rebuild and theres changes afoot for Project AluCase. Woo and indeed hoo.

With any luck the new year will bring some changes to the site design if I can get around it...

XFCE4.4 2007-03-18

XFCE 4.4 went stable on Gentoo last week, so my weekly update pulled it in. Since I''m not using the full XFCE package and use Beryl/Emerald instead of xfwm things were interesting to say the least.

Blocks were the first issue which was easily solved by removing the offending packages. Some compiling later and I launched 4.4. It fired up nicely with Beryl and the old settings (panel and menu layouts) were carried over. Problem was some graphical corruption on the panels and pop-up menus resulting in missing icons and invisible menus.

Some searching of the Gentoo Forums suggested Mesa was to blame. A re-merge of mesa-progs and restarting the X-server sorted it.

The main difference over 4.2 for me is thunar, which is a very nice file manager. If this handled FTP and tabs I would be using it instead of Konqueror.

Incidentally the move to the 2.6.20 kernel caused some issues with iptables and after troubleshooting it all afternoon turns out it was the xt_state module. Seems a load of netfilter stuff moved and wasn''t being built.

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