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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-04-05
Something a bit more interesting...

Thought since I'm getting to the age where insurance on something more interesting that a 1.2 Fiesta is feasible I may as well make the most of it! One advantage of getting older I guess...

Was thinking the BMW E21 3-series, but they seem very thin on the ground in any condition, never mind in my price range. After pondering some more I almost stumbled across the Scimitar. Can't even remember what made me track one down but it makes a lot of sense. Glassfibre (no rust, at least on the body), estate so plenty of room inside, quite a few knocking around, easy to get hold of spares and to work on. There are downsides but we'll skip over those...

Spotted this on eBay and came to a deal after seeing it. Much prefer the SE5 over the SE6, plus this was tax exempt being a 1972. Then faced a rather daunting 140mile trip home, which it handled with ease. Thankfully!

This is how it looked on the eBay ad:

All looks pretty solid on the outside. Paint isn't that great, there's a patch in the middle thats been repainted a slightly different shade. Not a big fan of white but it seems to have grown on me this last week.

Interior is the main issue and needs a fair bit of work. The door cards, headlining and dash need either repairing or replacing. It also has a mix of black and brown trim parts. Seats are nice but torn and are a little wide at the top and catch the seatbelts.

Here we are back at base. The OSR indicator broke on the way back, tracked this down to a bad earth but also found a right rats nest of a loom. Lots of extra wires and scotch connectors seem to have appeared in various places. Plan is to remove and build up an improved loom (he says making it sound easy...).

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