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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-04-27
Start of the re-wire

Even after much fiddling about I haven't been able to get either of the tail lights to work, then the sidelights stopped and the nearside side fuse blew as soon as I hit the switch. A short probably somewhere as all the obvious solutions didn't work. Luckily I haven't been driving at night. As mentioned the loom was in a right state so I brought forward the re-wire and got on with it over the last couple of weeks. Seems like such a straightforward job til you get into it.

The original loom isn't the best of designs, no relays anywhere hence running high currents behind the dash and the resulting miles of cable result in some pretty dim lights. Once again the internets come to the rescue and this site gives a decent looking modified loom and other useful info. I've used that as a base and worked a couple of tweaks into it.

Whilst sorting out the loom schematic I got on with removing the old loom. Had a lot of fun removing the rear light clusters, they have captive bolts in the lens which pass through the body, secured with nuts inside the boot. Of course these rust up and the outer ones are almost impossible to access. Resorted to prising the lenses off a couple of bolts, popping the captive bolt out. I'll be replacing all the bolts with new anyway so would have had to remove them anyway. I would have re-considered if I'd known how expensive the covers are, 60 for a full set! Thankfully I didn't break them. The gaskets had dried up to dust so they need replacing too.

Dug out the none functioning rear wiper, debating whether to put it back. Also threw out the rear wash pump and associated tubing from the washer bottle, that didn't work either. If I do put the rear wiper back I'll be sorting out a separate tank in the boot for the rear wash, seems a better solution than miles of tubing (which was also leaking...)

At the front the headlights are starting to corrode, both the mounting hardware and the reflective backing. I'll be wiring for twin main and dipped beam anyway (I've heard the 2 dipped beam units aren't that bright) so two units would have been replaced anyway. Inside I've ended up removing the entire dash assembly, which was a lot of fun and has taken me today and yesterday afternoon.

First the handbrake cable ends needed removing so the lever will raise enough to allow the centre console to come out. At this point it appears the electric windows weren't original fitment as the wiring was snaked all over the place and contained an abundance of chocolate block connectors. After bashing the steering wheel off and finding all the screws the dash came out. Well a couple of inches before I realised the speedo cable cable was still attached, of course that refused to budge despite being shown a screwdriver or two. Limited access made releasing the catch on that fun...

So, the dash is out, I have the drivers side door card off so can sort wiring to the windows and speakers, the heater blowers are out too (to a point, the pedals mean the drivers side can't come out...) and I think I can access all the bits I need to point wiring at. The only unknown is the front interior light and where its wires run.

I would have liked to shown some more pictures (I liked to have taken a few more for reference purposes!) but my camera has decided to stop working this week. All I have is this one of the stripped engine bay.

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