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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-05-05
The re-wire continues slowly

Parcels from AES and VWP arrived so the re-wire has started. First off the dash:

If you wondered what it looks like without the dash in place...

Wonder no more! Surprisingly good phone cam pictures as well, I'm impressed.

Wiring to the dash has been brought out to 5 multi-way connectors of varying sizes, all loaded with crimp contacts. I bought the crimp tool from Car Builder Solutions and seems to be doing a good job so far. Some crimps don't seem to take too well, needing an extra "tighten" using the pliers, but that seems to be partly down to the terminals used. Besides considering the cost and what I'm using it for its working fine. I use glue-lined heatshrink over each crimp which should help keep things together.

The wire is of the thinwall variety which has taken a little getting used to. It doesn't look capable of taking 11A, its so thin! On the plus side it's a lot easier to route and I would guess a smidge lighter. Once I know it all works its out with the loom tape to tidy it all up.

This weekend I built up the new fuse/relay box. No pictures yet though. Basic plan is to use modular relay/fuse blocks; one relay and three fuses each which then snap together. This is bolted to an aluminium bracket rivetted to the original fuse box mounting bracket. I think the trickiest bit to come is routing wire through the wing between engine bay and interior...

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