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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-06-15
The re-wire continues slowly, still

Wiring takes a hell of a lot longer than you think it will. This is all the behind the dash wiring complete before putting the dash back in earlier this week.

And a bit closer...

The bunches of wires run off to the 5 connectors that join the dash to the loom. The various wires heading over to the left in a haphazard fashion connect to the centre console (electric windows and handbrake switch) and the radio. The small black unit with the purple wires on the right is a light warning buzzer, simply hooks up to the sidelights and door switch. After being stranded in college in my old Mini many years ago I don't want to go leaving my sidelights on all day again.

Engine bay wiring to the lights and various other bits has been mostly finished and brought, along with the dash wiring, to a handful of connectors in the fuse box area. Now working on wiring up the fuse/relay box which will (hopefully) connect everything together. Then the last big hurdle is the long run under the car to the rear lights. Might need yet more wire for that though.

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