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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-07-10
Wiring nearly completed

With a week off work, timed with (British) summer in mind I've had a few days free to work on the car. In the pouring rain...

This is how it looked at the beginning of the week, just about to get driven into by the 318.

The fuse/relay box was finished off first; wiring from the dash and engine bay had been brought to a bunch of connectors in that area so it was a case of wiring all the bits together. The fuse box itself is made up of 8 sockets which clip together, each holding one relay and 3 fuses. Adds to up more than enough room! These are screwed to an L-shaped sheet of aluminium which is then rivetted to the original fuse box bracket. It seemed like a nice elegant solution at first, but now with all the wires in place it doesn't seem too secure on the old fuse box mounting holes. Thinking something a tad more substantial is needed at some point.

Theres 6 relays, even though I only seem to have bought 5, for dipped beam, main beam, starter solenoid, radiator fan, heated rear window and horn. Fuses on the left are direct feeds from the battery, on the right fed from the ignition. There's also the sneaky orange cable from the battery terminal with an inline fuse for the clock.

All a bit of a mess really isn't it? I've economised and bought a handful of colours in bulk, then numbered each connector and noted what pin does what. Seems to have worked so far.

I then had 16 wires from the fuse box to head rearward along the chassis. This turned out to be a lot easier than I thought as the wiring is very accessible once the cars in the air. The wires that came off were used as a guide, plus a few inches, for the new wires. These stop off at the gearbox for the overdrive and reverse light switch then terminate in the nearside cubby box in the boot as the original. I also wired in a 50A cable as an earth, instead of messing around with corroded chassis earth points.

Today the rear lights were re-fitted with new gaskets and bulbs, looking a lot better!

Tomorrow, hopefully, the crap on top can be cleared off and we'll see if she still drives. A few things on the list still to do:

  • Wipers seem to have stopped working, even though they did before...
  • NS front indicator not working, suspecting a bad earth
  • OS sidelight not working, guessing blown bulb
  • Horns not working
  • Fuel gauge not working, guessing voltage reg, will know if the temp gauge works!

MOT time is creeping up fast too...

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