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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2008-07-27
Interior refitted, mostly

Refitted the rest of the interior bits and pieces.

Just had to tidy up the electric window wiring and connect it up to the loom. They both seem to work a little better than before, they used to only open an inch before grinding to a halt. They now open all the way but the mechanism needs greasing, its a little jerky! Then got the console in, the passenger heater blower and air ducting. Much more complete!

The gear gaiter isn't fitted as I forgot when the photo was taken (my brothers comment "OMG you can see the road through that hole!"). Driving back later on revealed you get a nice blast of heated air from underneath the car. Probably nice in winter, not so much on the hottest day of the year. The gaiter has since been replaced...

Also fixed the horns, appears they don't earth through the mountings as I thought so just needed an earth running to them. Then painted up and refitted these two panels.

The big ones a pain to fit. Had to trim the front corners to clear the earth points on the chassis too.

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