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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2011-06-15
A few years on...

Haven't added much here as there's not been much going on on the Scimitar front. Basically just used it on the odd nice day, kept it serviced and its gone through every MOT since the last update with no issues. The main thing that has happened is the battery drained flat when I came to start it up after the cold spell in early 2010, despite being disconnected. Since I don't have power in the garage it can't be kept topped up and it doesn't get used much over the winter. Once charged back up it seemed ok but was very reluctant to start when hot. Traced that to corroded main battery cables which were replaced. The battery was on its last legs however so replaced it recently.

Since the 318 was taken off the road this has been my only form of transport for the last few weeks. In preparation for being used more often I took it down to Queensbury Road Garage sort out the noisy rear wheel bearings. They also gave it a bit of a look over for other problems as it had been sat for a few months previously, which has given a sizeable list of relatively minor things to sort out.

Got the car back after a couple of weeks, only one wheel bearing needing replacing. The talk of big presses being needed to get the hub off and then shimming it all up sounded a bit much for me to accomplish in a weekend so let the professionals sort it out. The reduction in noise was dramatic, I can hear myself think now while on the motorway.

Also had them fit longer rear wheel studs while it was apart, which has allowed me to fit these.

I picked these up ages ago and had them repainted locally (Advanced Autobody, top work) and just couldn't resist breaking out a white tyre pen. Couldn't fit them at the time as the rear studs were too short for the taper bolts needed for these wheels; as it turns out they weren't the correct length studs anyway, once a replacement set of original ones were on I was all sorted.

Whilst at Queensbury they traced the persistent water leak to the radiator drain, a new washer has fixed that. They also spotted a core plug on its last legs and got that all sorted out.

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