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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2012-07-15
The rebuild commences

With the Mini completed the Scimitar was shoehorned into the garage.

Unfortunately it takes up a lot more room than a Mini which is going to take some getting used to. Whilst there's nothing particularly wrong, the plan has always been to lift the body off and get everything rebuilt properly. QRG also picked up on some welding needed at the back of the chassis when it was there, along with a few other things.

So, started taking bits off, starting with the carpets which revealed the master cylinders had been leaking, so out they came as well.

The paint underneath them had turned strangely soft, which I assume is due to brake fluid leaking onto them at some point.

Also found a crunchy sounding seatbelt bracket, although the chassis bracket it attaches to seems ok.

The main thing that I'd spotted, since reading up a bit on the owners club forum, was a crack next to a bulge in the sill. Here it is after sanding back to investigate.

What I'd found out was that there is a metal plate running along the sill which tends to rust and cause issues like this. The other side had an even worse crack that was hidden by the doorstep plate

An investigatory probe with the grinder confirmed my suspicions.

Oh dear. These will need cutting out once I get some better cutting discs. There is another reinforcing plate running up the A-post supporting the door hinges. Can't really get any good photos of it (yet), but the A-post feels crunchy which isn't a good sign. Will have to brush up on fibreglass repair!

These bracing plates plates on the inside of the door hinges came out, showing signs of light corrosion and few deep pits, which points to a rotten A-post reinforcing plate.

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