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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2012-07-16
The rebuild commences

To allow further investigation the door hinges needed removing. They bolt through into the A-post with a nut on the inside. Typically the nuts were seized up and with the limited access available they were drilled out. Got one hinge removed before the drill battery died.

There's also a nice split in the seam that the door seal fits over, possibly related to rotten A-post reinforcement no doubt.

The rest of the interior has been removed. The rear seat outer hinges won't come out as the bolts are again seized and will need drilling out. This is stopping the rear side panel trim being removed, which is the last big piece of trim left, apart from the headlining. Also recouped about 7p in loose change.

Got the dash out, a bit more stripped down than when rewiring it.

The heater has also been leaking so that will come out next. Started dismantling the wiring as well.

Given what I've picked up doing the Mini wiring I think some rework of the fusebox and wiring layout is in order which should improve things somewhat.

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