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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2012-07-24
Front suspension removal

Got a bit more done and some more bits removed. Rear bumper came off with no problems bar the bolts being quite tight. This has been removed before but am pretty sure I didn't remove the mounting brackets as well. This boded well for the towbar, however one bolt into the captive nut in the car snapped off. That I think will need drilling out a bit to allow the body to come off.

Also started removing the front suspension to give a bit more room for the impending A-post repair.

As the trunnions were replaced a few years ago this all came apart without drama. Also discovered all the bushes have been replaced with polybushes at some point in the past.

This is were I left the nearside, the top arm on the offside was removed however. Tried removing the lower brackets but the heads are rounded so will have to have a think on how to proceed.

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