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Reliant Scimitar SE5a 2012-08-16
A post removal

The A post repairs seemed a good place to start and should be a good intro to working with fibreglass. The guide here provided the method which seemed straightforward enough when sat reading it on the computer.

So, started with cutting an access hole under the wheelarch.

A thin cutting disc in the grinder, a padsaw for the corners and a good facemask seem to be doing the trick. The back of the A post was then revealed. Didn't look that bad I thought, but I pressed on anyway.

With the hinges all removed, the glass around the A post was cut away. With some force, the reinforcement plate came out. This is a comparison of both plates after both sides had been attacked.

The lower one (offside) had some deep pitting which has damaged the glass it was sat against. The nearside is in much worse condition, which on the upside made it easier to get out! The nearside at least provides a good template to make some new ones.

As both plates had rusted the glassfibre on the A post was damaged and cracked around the hinge openings. Following the guide above a template was screwed on to the glassfibre.

This is actually a very cheap shelf kit (under 5) cut in half so I have enough for the other side. The position of the holes was then marked out and the hinge bolt holes drilled through (after this pic was taken!)

As the damage was confined to the hinge area the plan is to leave the middle bit of glassfibre in place, hence the screws with the big washers were added first. The other three were added later around the periphery in case it turns out the middle needs to be cut out after all. The damaged bits were then chopped out, no going back now!

This is the lower bit of the nearside post, the rusty remains of the sill reinforcement can be seen.

Next stage is to stock up on glassfibre materials and start filling up those holes

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