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What was I thinking when I wrote that? 2006-03-01
Just been doing a tidy up of the code that drives this here hunk 'o junk, and running it through the W3C validator. Found some quite strange mistakes in there, I'm trying to think what state I was in when I wrote it. An example:

<b><a href="some link"> </b></a>

That appeared on nearly every page when generating links to other articles. A combo of Quanta trying to "help" and me not noticing. It rendered fine which is why it has gone un-noticed til now.

Another: <br />

A fat fingered gaff on my part, what surprised me was that the browser didn't error out. There were a few more but I don't want to embarrass myself further.

Aside from that, the W3C validator has given me a few lessons in how CSS actually works, and how powerful it can become (cue evil laugh). The only pages that aren't W3C certified are any with pictures, as I didn't realise an "ALT" option is mandatory on "IMG" tags. I think I can live with that little bug for now though.

Still probably doesn't render correctly on IE though...

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