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XFCE4.4 2007-03-18

XFCE 4.4 went stable on Gentoo last week, so my weekly update pulled it in. Since I''m not using the full XFCE package and use Beryl/Emerald instead of xfwm things were interesting to say the least.

Blocks were the first issue which was easily solved by removing the offending packages. Some compiling later and I launched 4.4. It fired up nicely with Beryl and the old settings (panel and menu layouts) were carried over. Problem was some graphical corruption on the panels and pop-up menus resulting in missing icons and invisible menus.

Some searching of the Gentoo Forums suggested Mesa was to blame. A re-merge of mesa-progs and restarting the X-server sorted it.

The main difference over 4.2 for me is thunar, which is a very nice file manager. If this handled FTP and tabs I would be using it instead of Konqueror.

Incidentally the move to the 2.6.20 kernel caused some issues with iptables and after troubleshooting it all afternoon turns out it was the xt_state module. Seems a load of netfilter stuff moved and wasn''t being built.

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