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09 update, and the reason its been quiet 2009-01-11

Funny how the news entry two items down from here is from over a year ago...

Basically the hard drive in AluCase failed a couple of months ago, leaving it out of action for a couple of weeks while I faffed around sorting out a replacement. All back up and running now however. The site was all backed up so not much has been lost. The back-up plan has been to use rsync to copy data onto DVD-RAM discs; rotating 3 discs means old files should be backed up 3 times. DVD-RAM lends itself to constant re-writing (I'm told) and the older cartridge based discs are pretty tough; like floppy discs you can't touch the media accidently.

I managed to restore most data successfully. I say most as I have been a little lax in backing up regularily so I was a couple of weeks behind. Not much was lost luckily. The other issue was knowing which of the 3 discs was the most recent. I always make a note of which disc is the most recent... on the hard drive in a directory that isn't backed up. Some looking at file date stamps sorted that; I now make a written note!

I'll be updating the AluCase log with some more on this later in the week.

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